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Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug addiction is one of the leading addictions in America.  People as young as twelve are abusing these drugs as well as people as old as eighty.  For numerous reasons people gain an addiction to prescription drugs, but once they are in addiction recovery they will have to undergo detoxification.

Withdrawal from Prescription Drugs

Once a recovering prescription drug addict enters into detoxification, they will soon start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs can be fatal if you do not seek professional treatment.  Some symptoms that every prescription drug addict will experience will include cold shakes, diarrhea, seizures, depression, headaches, high fevers, and death in some of the most extreme cases.  All of these withdrawal symptoms are normal and most of the prescription drug addicts that undergo detoxification make it through the withdrawal symptoms and continue on their path to complete recovery.

Prescription Drug Addiction Recovery

Even though death is not a common thing during prescription drug addiction recovery, it has happened before.  People cause themselves physical pain and in some cases attack themselves or have a seizure and have no one there to help them ultimately killing themselves.  When this happens it is tragic, but if you enter into the proper prescription drug addiction treatment program you will most certainly get great care and have a better outcome than a self help option.

Get Help Breaking The Addiction Of Prescription Drugs

Do not hesitate to enter into treatment because you are worried about the risk of withdrawal.  If you continue down the path you are going on you will in the end kill yourself and hurt others around you.  Prescription drug addiction is very serious and our staff can give you the best care available and ensure that you will make it through your withdrawal as comfortable and satisfied as possible.