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The History of Meth

The History of Meth

A little about The History of Meth.

You may not know that meth was once used as a legal drug, and it still is prescribed in the United States today for the treatment of weight loss and for attention disorders.  One known prescribed legal form of this drug is Desoxyn. This form of the drug is taken by mouth and is slowly released into your body.

Did you know that inhaling or injecting meth make it more easily addictive.

The form that is addictive and used illegally is the kind that you inject or smoke. Inhaling this drug or injecting it will give the body an instant high. It speeds quickly into your bloodstream and your brain and produces an instant high.  While using meth in any form is addictive, using it in the injected or the inhaled form makes it ten times more addictive.

Your body becomes addicted to meth fast, it needs more and more to maintain the high

After the high that your body experiences from this drugs immediate response and the lasting effect of hours of extreme high, there is still the crash at the end. It will lead you to doing more of the drug to get your body back to that high that you felt when you first used it.  This leads to more and more use of the drug and that is what brings your body to the dependence of this drug.

Research The History of Meth, you might be surprised at the damage it does so quickly.

Know the facts of any drug before you use it. Don’t just listen to the people around you telling you how good it makes you feel.  Do your own research and this will lead you to a different place and you might not make the wrong decision of the use of Meth.

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